2021: The Year in Review

We’re one whole week into 2021, so it’s time to gather our courage, take a deep breath, and step on the metaphorical bathroom scale to see how we’re doing so far. Let’s not get too nervous about it though. If there’s anything good to say about 2020, it’s that it significantly lowered the bar for 2021. Any improvement at all would be a cause for celebration. Hell, as long as we can say things haven’t gotten any worse we can bust out the champagne and cookies without guilt. This time, “good enough” really is good enough.

So, let’s get started. January 1st we sat on the couch all day watching Netflix and enjoying some post-holiday decompression. That was Friday, so we ended up with a three-day weekend. Off to a great start! On January 4th we went back to work, but everyone was still kinda in holiday mode so we spent most of the day just getting our shit together. January 5th we started getting our groove back, with a big helping of optimism and hope for the new year. So far so good! Now on to January 6th…oh, fuck. FUCK.

Goddamn you, 2021.


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