Who is DanaSan?

What would you like to know? If we were talking face to face your first question would probably be “why don’t you do something about that mole on your face?” Then I’d just glare at you, slowly eating my french fries (in this scenario I have french fries), until you stammer something about having someplace to be and scurry off.

Let’s try this again.

Why DanaSan, you ask? Good question! It’s a tribute to the four years I spent in Japan teaching English. It was an incredible experience that doesn’t impress people as much as you’d think.

Why Brain Stew? Another great question! It’s a chunky mix of pretty much anything my brain cooks up. It can be an essay, opinion, or article, but the one thing it will always be is funny! Laughter is like love, cheese and a form-fitting bra: there’s not nearly enough of it in the world.

Why? Just…why? I’ve always had a creative mind, which doesn’t mesh well with more orderly things like classrooms and cubicles.  All I have to show for my education are notebooks full of doodles, and my resume reads like a greek tragedy.  After years of keeping the wild thoughts generated by my crazy brain on a short leash, I decided it was time to stake a claim on the internet and let them run free. Hopefully they’ll make lots of friends, maybe find someone nice and settle down.

So buckle up (or not, I’m not your mother) and enjoy the wild and bumpy ride that is my brain stew.