You can contact me anytime at for the following reasons:

  1. Tell me how much you like my work. Writers survive on a steady diet of caffeine, junk food and praise. Appreciated writers are productive writers!
  2. Offer feedback. I’m always looking for good suggestions on how to improve my brand without having to pay for it.
  3. You’re looking for someone to collaborate on a project and you think my talents can help with your novel, webcomic, animation, etc. I’ll consider any proposal as long as it’s creative, thoughtful and has enough details to give me a clear idea of the time, money and work involved.
  4. You want to summon Cthulhu. I’ll grab my Necronomicon and meet you in Morocco on the Thirteenth Moon come the Fifth Strike of Hell’s Bells. Don’t forget to bring the goat’s blood (not to nag, but everybody always forget the goat’s blood).